Isolation & Surveillance 【streaming only, link to d​/​l inside】

by cryptic scenery



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On the latest long player from Berlin resident Christian H. Sötemann, rhythmic electronic neue-wave is – for the first time – at the forefront, though room is given equally to more contrasting atmospheric impressions. It's 42 minutes (the digital edition runs almost 46) of vaporous industrial, inundating aural visitations, technocratic optimism, and curious miniatures. And let's not forget that voice!

"Isolation & Surveillance" is absolutely Metaphysical Circuits' first predominantly song-oriented release – and despite what you might think, actually a splendid fit for the label. Biases aside, Sötemann is a truly underrated artist, whose past work deserves investigation and/or re-assessment.


Track list of the cassette/the above stream:

Side A
1. Eastern Platform/Seaside Recollection
2. Police State *
3. The Bystander *
4. Left With
5. Surveillance
6. Free Speech Zone
7. The Pain Sequence

Side B
1. Dead People on the Motorway *
2. Pharmaceutical Industry *
3. The Iron Pole *
4. The Worst
5. Last Stairs
6. Last Farewell *

(* = edited exclusively for this tape release)


released November 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Metaphysical Circuits Denmark

Until further notice, I'm NOT looking to work on new tapes. Thus, NOT accepting demo submissions or enquiries...

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