1. Sponge Ingot

  2. The Wandering Earth

  3. A Quo Primum/Bounty
    Piotr Cisak

  4. Metaphysical World Pieces #3

  5. Lemma / Thought Processions
    rawmean / S/H/A/R/R/P/S & Ragged Lines

  6. General Survey on Growing Concerns
    German Army

  7. Grizzled
    Pacific Mausoleum

  8. Moving Past Things Now Gone
    Noise Arcade

  9. Cielo de Agua
    Nube Rosa

  10. Mystical Poems of Rumi
    The Kiriks

  11. Isolation & Surveillance 【streaming only, link to d/l inside】
    cryptic scenery

  12. Udkants-tripper

  13. Loopy Vélez

  14. The Colour of Brown 【streaming only, link to d/l inside】
    The End Springs

  15. Moments
    Small Things on Sundays

  16. Showboat EP
    Vejgaard Ambient

  17. Anencephalic Sumptuary
    John Hawkwood

  18. Apraxia

  19. 400/100

  20. A Midsummer Night's Dram / Forth and Back
    V5N 2G8

  21. Bathe in the Lights of Distant Cities
    International Debris

  22. Tape It Back 【streaming only, link to d/l inside】
    Jack McConnell

  23. Axial City 【streaming only, link to d/l inside】

  24. Take Him to Detroit
    Northville Tunnels

  25. Bonussalær

  26. Basissalat

  27. Four-Nine in Ether 【streaming only, link to d/l inside】

  28. Kvarter og År

  29. Git Hubris / Séptimo Subsuelo de Sikuris / Performance Patterns and Relationships
    V5N 2G8 / k..k. / Micromelancolié

  30. Hidden Tales and Other Lullabies 【streaming only, link to d/l inside】
    The Child of a Creek

  31. Flaws of Attraction
    Ragged Lines

  32. The Humungus Teardrop

  33. Study I (for YV) / First Chapter (Version)
    Gedane Zaken / Lero

  34. Death Weekend / Rituals

  35. Golden Dust
    Strange Mountain

  36. IV

  37. I Just See Trees
    Northville Tunnels

  38. Free Composer
    Vejgaard Ambient

  39. Yellow Machine
    Claus Poulsen

  40. Pu'er Moods
    Treasure Hunt

  41. Back at the Start
    Noise Arcade

  42. Opal Showers / Mineral Farm
    Les Bicyclettes de Belize / Fugleøen & Ragged Lines

  43. Misti
    Jon Claudio

  44. Frostbitten 【streaming only, link to d/l inside】

  45. Phagestructure 【streaming only, link to d/l inside】

  46. Three Pillars Forming
    Roman Ego

  47. From Two to Three

  48. DS1
    Demonstration Synthesis

  49. Fogged Walkers
    Northville Tunnels

  50. New Radicals Street Team / Intentional Confessional / Formant Performances / WindozeMediaSlayer 13.0.71
    Coathanger Orchestra / Tecumseh X / Manzarek & Manzanera / V5N 2G8

  51. Homeowner 3: New England Acoustics

  52. The Body Suffers the Spirit Flowers
    Primate Pyramid

  53. Diluted Margin
    Ragged Lines

  54. Control Group
    Nickolas Mohanna

  55. Three
    Les Bicyclettes de Belize

  56. Tocusour
    Jon Claudio

  57. Industrial Complexion
    Ragged Lines

  58. Five Mindsets
    cryptic scenery

  59. Metaphysical World Pieces #2

  60. Something 【streaming only, link to d/l inside】
    Cloud Choir

  61. Ad Lib to Fade

  62. Re/tern/al

  63. ANTi RAd SUIT(e) EP

  64. The 3rd House
    Vejgaard Ambient

  65. No Way Out

  66. Childhood
    Strange Mountain

  67. 10.25.12/Tired Waves

  68. The Norman Tapes
    Guenter Schlienz

  69. Metaphysical World Pieces #1

  70. Sleeping Backwards/Sliding Universe / Irradiated Metro
    Primate Pyramid / The Harbinger

  71. Purity Springs to Mind (Receipt's in the Bag)
    Ragged Lines

  72. Otus, Asio. Cross Cultural Observations of Sounds Induced by Religious Practices in Human Hearing Range.
    Asio Otus

  73. Village Global
    Sunny Dunes

  74. Rebound Control / Accountability Vibe
    Pacific Mausoleum / Ragged Lines

  75. Torch Passin' Burners / Festive Suggestion
    Inhibitionists / Ragged Lines

  76. Destroyed Minutes / Levvels of Death
    Noseph Janner / Levvels


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